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Testimonials for Customised Meditation, Relaxation & Stress Management Workshops and Talks

"Carolyn came to UCD to give a meditation class to Erasmus Students as part of a fundraiser for the UCD Volunteers Overseas 2016 program. Most students who attended had little, or no, previous knowledge of meditation. Through simple and very effective exercises Carolyn helped us all relax and understand better our breathing process. Her soothing voice made us all at ease, thanks to her experience she was able to answer all of our questions and made us crave more as soon as the session was over".
Maeve Soulas, Secretary of UCD’s Erasmus Student Network , March 2016

Feedback from Dublin City Public Libraries 'Mind Yourself ' Programme 2015: 
  -  Carolyn herself had a very calming presence
  -  I found these talks very useful, the breathing techniques in particular
  -  Very informative, I learned a lot that I'll be able to put into practice myself

"Carolyn delivered a Mindfulness & Relaxation session for Acquired Brain Injury Ireland as part of Carers Week 2012. The session was attended by a group of family carers who found it very enjoyable and beneficial as they were provided with practical tips & techniques for use after the session.  I found Carolyn very professional and experienced, tuning in to the needs of the carers on the day, answering their questions and providing support to them on how to build mindfulness & relaxation into their everyday lives.  Thank you Carolyn for a very worthwhile session!"
Thank you Carolyn for a very worthwhile session!"
Carol Rogan, Training Manager, Acquired Brain Injury Ireland

Testimonials from Dance / Movement Meditation participants:

"I love Carolyn's Dance and Meditation Class as it's like doing two classes in one! The dance is great for your body and the meditation for your mind. I really enjoy the music and always come away more relaxed, both physically and mentally. I highly recommend it." Susan Ledwidge, March 2013

Testimonials from Nurture Body & Mind Meditation & Relaxation class participants:

“The Mindfulness Meditation class is a quiet and peaceful time for me, which I enjoy a lot. I just have to be there with the willingness to connect with myself and accept whatever is there. Carolyn is a wonderful teacher who in a gentle way reminds me of things which I know but forget about so often. Not only are the classes well prepared but Carolyn lives what she teaches (otherwise she couldn't be such a good teacher, I think).” Brigitte, January 2014

" Carolyn’s Mindfulness classes were exactly what I needed in my manic daily life.....– I even relaxed and slept better the night before just thinking about it!  It gave me the tools to deal with stress myself on a daily basis and not have to rely just on the class itself. 

I had never realised before that, just as exercise and diet is important for mind and body, practicing and understanding Mindfulness would rest the mind and help me re-evaluate situations from a new perspective, feeling refreshed and renewed immediately afterwards, rather like a holiday can! Carolyn’s gentle and soothing approach was key in our class, with just the right amounts and combinations of information, readings, discussion and relaxation, not to mention keeping her voice and background music at the perfect, even, soothing volume level for the purpose.  

I would highly recommend her classes for everyone, not only for those who feel stress, on the contrary, for everyone who wants to get the most out of life as well! "   Barry Ward (Secondary School teacher, Dublin), December 2013

"The class has been, and continues to be, a terrific benefit in helping me keep the "calm in the storm" of both my personal and professional life. I sought and tried many different methods and tools to help me through some of the roughest periods in my life over the last few years resulting from stress of work, death of my mom and a period of panic attacks that followed, which I nearly let take over my life, Carolyn's calming guide of the different forms of meditation and relaxation have been the absolute calm in my storm and been a major contributor to getting back on track and, I would like to think, a better track at that. I love my GP for recommending I try it !! and Carolyn for been such an excellent guide. It's the one night of the week I sleep like a baby." CF, December 2013

"I have found Carolyn's Mindfulness Meditation classes are a great way to start the week. Her kind and gentle approach has helped me become more relaxed and at ease, not just in class, but in life.  It has been a great gift."  Hollie B,  2011

"Attending Carolyn's course was a very enjoyable experience.  The content of each class was engaging, practical and easy to follow.  I especially looked forward to the guided relaxation / visualisation section.  It was so relaxing and rejunevating." Jasmine O, 2011

'I know that the ability to calm and relax your mind is critical to a healthy life so I started Carolyn's combination course covering movement for relaxation, meditation and formal relaxation techniques. I have enjoyed it thoroughly and it is now an essential part of my week. It's like an oasis of calm in my week!'. Brendan McG, 2011

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